Our XML Success Stories

Here is a sampling of our XML success stories - successful work performed by AJBC:

  • Marked up various famous legislative documents in Akoma Ntoso (AKN) legal markup language for an upcoming legislative editor version.  Wrote XSLT transforms and Java extensions to support such ongoing efforts.  Developed ODF-to-AKN round-trip conversion and storage facilities for editor.
  • Customized multi-hundred-page DocBook 5 technical publications (title-page, table-of-contents, cross-reference, header/footer, list, table, and numerous other customizations deviating from native DocBook output).  Developed XSL transforms for DITA documents of Fortune 500 clients into Angular-backed HTML 5 forms and PDF using DITA-OT.
  • Developed Spring Boot web-service-based XSLT validation system to insure XSD and business-rule conformance for American Association of Medical Colleges "curriculum inventory" submissions via a proprietary API.
  • Performed XSLT / XSL-FO publication formatting and transformations for United Airlines, JetBlue, and Honeywell.
  • Engineered, for a major aerospace company, S1000D-compliant maintenance-training document assemblies, transformations, and storage using XML technologies (XSLT, XSL-FO, Antenna House Formatter, XProc, XQuery, xDB), native JavaScript, and Java within a customized "authoring, configuration, and transformation utilities and services" application context.
  • Developed Oxygen XML authoring interface customizations using XSD schemas, CSS, Java, and third-party APIs to provide hundreds of aerospace authors with properly-constrained editing capabilities and clean, consistent views of rendered XML data akin to the intended final product.
  • Developed XSL stylesheets for a one-time, batch conversion of SGML-based data from a major aerospace company's system into S1000D XML for eventual PDF formatting.

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