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Anthony J. "Tony" BufortOwner Anthony J. (Tony) Bufort is a well-rounded senior software engineer with 20+ years’ experience in software development and XML-based publishing for small, mid, and large-sized companies.  XML technologies and Java are his career specialties.  Ever reluctant to embrace the word “expert,” he believes in constant learning and growth, and strives to do work he knows and enjoys well, while continuing to evolve. Tony is well-versed in a wide array of XML technologies involving the creation, parsing, manipulation, storage, and querying of XML.  He's dealt with XML as raw data, publishing content, and a transport protocol.  Having worked with document specifications in the legislative, IT, medical, and aerospace domains, among others, Tony has a proven track record of adapting to client needs.   He possesses a wealth of experience in creating and executing data transforms, and with various PDF publishing engines, as well as with the foibles of XSL-FO and area trees / intermediate output for those engines. He has also engineered author-experience customizations for oXygen and other environments.

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